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As contest competition allows the monopolization of resources, offspring will typically always be produced and survive until adulthood independent of the population size.

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Jump to Jump to search In ecologycontest competition refers to a model where available resources, such as food and mates, are utilized only by one or a few individuals, thus preventing development or reproduction of other individuals. The Beverton-Holt model is often used to represent population dynamics arising mmodel contest contest.

This model, and a few other well-known population models, can be explicitly derived from individual-level processes assuming contest competition and a random distribution of individuals among resources. Further reading[ edit ] Dammhahn, Melanie, and Peter M.

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Tuda, Midori, and Yoh Iwasa. Henson, Shandelle M. Researches on contest ecology, Contest competition has been demonstrated in controlled laboratory experiments among parasitic wasps. It refers to a hypothetical model in which several individuals stage a contest for which one eventually emerges victorious.

Model contest

This in stable population dynamicsin stark contrast to scramble competition which can result in periodic or chaotic population dynamics. Elmes, and J.

Model contest

Kemp, Darrell J. Thomas, J.

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