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Is it normal or healthy to continue carrying a torch for an ex that way? Or, we were romantically involved with an individual but a misunderstanding occurred that was never corrected. I couldn't help but wonder if the concept of "the one that got away" is actually a real thing or just a romantic notion we choose to hold on to.

Looking for the one that got away

Is it something that matters? Here's what they had to say. To help answer that question, I reached out to experts for their take on what the phrase actually means, if it's healthy to hold on to an ex, and how to let go when you're ready.

There's no way to know you would've had a happy outcome with this person. This scenario allows us to imagine a happy resolution, and subsequently, [a] happy relationship.

Is it actually a thing, or is it just something we heard about in a Katy Perry song once? More like this. The longing for a reality that never occurred is all in your head.

Looking for the one that got away

Our mind happily fills in the details of a wonderful romantic future with this person. Deconstructing this fantasy is your key to mental and emotional freedom.

Looking for the one that got away

Was it your own because you have exes who refer to you as that? By Rachel Shatto Oct. If that's the case, Dr.

Looking for the one that got away

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