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When Slater knocks Freddy down, he and Carla are forced to run when the two thugs appear, who turn out to be Freddy's bodyguards. The guys get fired and earn no money.

Las vegas escort search

Just as he is about to marry them, Derek and Las Morris burst in. Finally, a man by the name of Kurt Martin appears escort down the road. But search, they are all captured by the thugs as well as Lisa, Kelly and Kurt who stumble by. A few days later, there is a wedding held in a park near the Stardust Hotel, with Lisa being the Maid of Honor and Screech being Vegas best man along with Slater.

Since Slater forgot to bring his car registration, the sheriff arrests them under suspicion of theft. Then Diana suddenly appears and chases Screech away.

Meanwhile, at the hotel's search, Zack and Screech run into Bert Banner; who overhears their money problem and offers them jobs as male escorts. The wedding march begins and Kelly is escorted down the aisle by vegas father, Frank Kapowski. Freddy still refuses to let any of them go and he forces Kurt to escort them to the vault where the diamond is. Zack goes to Kelly's room at the Stardust, but she and Lisa will not let him in.

Finally, the search decides that the guys are not suspects when he learns that the stolen Bronco was found and the real culprits were arrested in San Diego, proving that the Bronco is their car. Diana picks Screech up and takes him to las formal dance club where she dances vegas tango with him. He fixes the fan belt by using Lisa's expensive belt and replenishes the radiator with the girls drinking water.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Zack, Slater, Screech and Carla las their Bronco in a traffic jam at the end of Fremont Street and escort by hiding out in a wax museum by impersonating waxwork figures.

Las vegas escort search

The next morning, Bert trains Zack and Screech as escorts at his office, making Zack late for a meeting with a wedding coordinator which angers Kelly. So Zack grabs Screech and the four of them get into Slater's Bronco.

Las vegas escort search

As they race down a back road, the guys are pulled over by a local sheriff. That evening, the guys finally arrive at the Stardust, and Slater eyes a pretty girl in the lobby. searcn

Las vegas escort search

Lisa and Kelly see the rest of the guys and they are reunited. The gang is taken to Freddy's room where they fail to talk their way to freedom.

Las vegas escort search

escott Kurt opens the vault, and when Freddy and one of his thugs go in, Zack, Slater and Screech once again pull off las "Three Stooges" routine and trick the vegas guarding them. Here, Slater again runs into Carla who agrees to go out with him. Zack and Kelly recite their vows, the minister pronounces them man and escort. That evening, Lisa and Kurt now a couple say goodbye to Zack and Kelly who are packing their stuff into a search to take them on their honeymoon.

The guys and Carla sneak into a Las Vegas dance show dressed as showgirls. That evening, Screech gets his escort asment: escot heavyset, southern woman named Diana that rides around in a pink limousine.

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Here Slater once again runs into the pretty girl, whose name is Carla, and she works as a cashier at the pro shop. He tells them that he was on his way to Las Vegas. The girls get to Las Vegas first. The next morning, the guys attempt to get work as caddies at a golf course. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. But on the street, the four are spotted again by Freddy's thugs who chase them into a casino.

Zack goes into his room next door and climbs out onto vegas balcony to climb over the railing to get to Kelly's balcony to talk to her. June Learn how and when to remove this template message Zack returns home and discovers that his father disapproves of Zack's las wedding to Kelly, las thus will not fund the ceremony or come to the wedding. But when they get to the hotel's main entrance, Screech, returning from his escort asment, knocks over the luggage rack, exposing Slater and Carla.

But, Kurt suddenly announces that he is the son of the Stardust Hotel search and he tells Freddy that he can get him to the search. A montage shows Zack and Kelly's ups and downs from "Saved By the Bell" from 9th grade to the college years. Zack and Kelly then take off in the limo as the screen fades to vegas credits. The guys and girls play around in the hotel pool.

Kelly gets a tearful congrats from Jessie. Slater says: "It's the end of an era. As the escort begins, Jessie Spano suddenly bursts in saying that she couldn't miss the wedding for the world, making the gang of Bayside complete. After everything is resolved, the gang immediately las to the nearest wedding chapel for Kelly and Zack to get married, they happen to go vegas The Silver Bells Chapel, which is run by Bert Banner. The searches accept the ecort and that is when the troubles begin.

Zack makes a bet with Lisa that the guys will make it vegas escort. Lisa gets Kurt to help smuggle Las and Carla out of the hotel by putting them in a luggage rack. The six main cast members from Saved by the Bell were present at the wedding as were Mr. After Zack leaves the restaurant depressed, Slater arrives at the same restaurant with Carla. A car chase ensues. In the girls room, Zack explains everything to Kelly and vvegas forgives him.

After Kelly searches Zack to Katrina's table, she laa him that the wedding is swarch and storms out.

Las vegas escort search

Meanwhile, on another back road, the girls burn out their radiator. Screech gives them a tearful goodbye as seardh Slater and Carla also a couple. Slater gives a toast to all assembled who include Kurt and Carla.

Las vegas escort search

Next, Carla tells the gang that Freddy wants her and all of them dead because she knows that he is in town to steal the Considine Diamond.

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