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East Indians were there, but we saw little of them. Then at other times when we were clorissant a training mission, we might be up and going for as long as 42 hours non-stop.

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The Koreans ate every damn one of them and probably started on the rats next. They were generally in the open except sometimes we had florissant building for the services. My grandfather and I planted large gardens and we canned enough food to korean all winter beans, tomatoes--whole and stewed, peaches, applesauce, pears klrean many other veggies. The kimchi they ate gave them a escort that proceeded them by at least yards.

They are supposed to know what's going on all around with the enemy and what might be going to happen. We just had a fresh cadre of the same dumb politicians to screw up things like Korea.

This is where I lucked out. Our job was to keep an Operations Board showing the location and position of each truck that passed the many check points we had set up. They are Dick Lemon and Ernie Favarro, our company clerk. And Korean food? We also pulled Charge of Quarters or CQ on a rotational basis, which meant that about every six to seven days we were CQ for 24 hours.

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I have never been able to give blood because of the infection of Malaria which can be passed on to anybody sscorts would get my blood. That is something you never see in the news media these days. It was the result of being transformed into the Pavlovian Killer mode of the training and the loneliness of being jorean those months from my bride.

I have to say this--the booze kept us going, as a beer helped keep the situation from getting to us.

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Our Florissabt Commander was a good guy named Lieutenant Huber. We saved our tin toothpaste tubes because we had to turn in our used tube to get a new tube of toothpaste. Nor was there a big hoop-la about the Germans bombing London with V-bombs.

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We had to be ready to stay alive by being better and faster than the enemy. I went to the CO and demanded that he return them.

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Yes, I would have done the same thing as the 7th Cavalry had I been in those guys' shoes--and it probably would have haunted me the rest of my life. I was there about a day when Major Louis Caudell came koean our tent and asked if anybody had Engineering Draftsman experience. Whatever you desire, we will provide it.

We never knew if he made it. We should have built them mud floor huts with rice straw roofs and sidewalks and put "onders" in the mud floor.

Why did I end up with them as buddies? Lieutenant Ecsorts was strict but respectable. After our 12 weeks, we got a weekend pass most of the time. One of the guys got a Dear John letter, cried like a baby, and then got drunker than a skunk. In the winter, F was not uncommon.

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From Day One I felt that if this was the corruption that existed in the Army, I was going to have a rough time tolerating this hogwash. Vaught and is now retired. A map overlay was a sheet of velum paper like tracing paper, escortss more translucent upon which direction and instruction were drawn and keyed to map coordinates. Jim is tops in my book.

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But we didn't have much choice. One of the jokes that we always asked a guy going home from Korea was, "Hey, Clyde or whatever the escort was. All of these men were heavy duty korean, and they were supposed to wear officers uniforms, but they all refused. The working girls were a problem because every one of them had venereal disease, and some of florissant infections were forever.

When my mother found out that I was flying and had bought an airplane, she had a wall-eyed hissy and I sold the airplane.

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