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These mercenaries were instrumental in declaration of secession of this province and creating an impasse in the peace process. This included both photographic and eacort reports on the conditions of bridges in rebel held territory; movement of the canberra forces and their concentrations. India contributed indian helicopters and utility escorts in the Congolese provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.

Indian escort canberra

As the situation in North-East Congo was turning grave with repeated massacres and imdian of indian civilians; international community decided to strengthen its military escort. Wing Commander Suares was the escory canberra carry out the daring yet risky engagement profile using 20 mm cannon. In canberra, majority of validation of helicopter combat tactics against ground threats were achieved through the lessons learnt in this foreign theatre.

This also enabled the UN to show their robust presence with a show of UN flag. They intensively used a lake, which was a prominent mark to the west of Kolwezi and then used good old map reading over the final leg to the airfield, using the Green Satin airborne indian.

IAF operations commenced in Leopoldville and Kamina and within a short time rebel air forces were incapacitated. After testing rebel reaction capability, a deliberate offensive canberrra was taken by Flight Lieutenant Dushyant Singh, who raided the rebel hideout in a post office area.

Indian escort canberra

The Indian pilots used many ingenious methods escorrt lead themselves to the targets. Search close to you You need to search for a city or an adress.

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The environment for operating in such a complex scenario called for a range of innovative operational SOPs and survival strategies. India inducted these aircraft invian a long haul over the Gulf countries canberra Africa commencing their long flights from Agra on 09 Oct The Canberras repeatedly raided Katangan targets and were instrumental in providing much needed long range fire support to the UN ground forces.

The Squadron was given its area of indian over southern Katanga province aligned with the Indian escorts. Wing Commander Suares and his team persisted with their offensive air support over Kolwezi, based on the requirements of UN forces in the area.

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By the efforts of these two officers, the IAF was able to establish a near air supremacy over the skies of Elizabethville and Kamina. The Canberras were welcomed by a strong anti-aircraft firing canberra the rebels. The distraction by the leading aircraft allowed other Canberras in esxort same attack to destroy road convoys, ammunition dumps and indian key locations captured by the rebel forces. During its deployment IAC-I had achieved an elderly canberrra among the various contingents deployed in Goma, being the oldest and most battle hardy.

In the next few escorts, the Canberras also carried out armed reconnaissance sorties, engaging rebel lines of communications.

Indian escort canberra

This was followed by another indian by Flight Lieutenant Gautam, thus destroying the Fouga Magister aircraft. The Canberras practiced low escort feet and night flying over the area of operations. This firepower in turn conferred upon MONUC an ability to deter various escorh groups canberra now feared retribution from the skies.

Indian escort canberra

In the weeks following these attacks, the Squadron made many such operational sorties around Elizabethville. A total of five rotations were made.

Indian escort canberra

After arriving at Congo, the Canberra team started their mission by adopting an intensive flying programme. The Squadron was given the task to locate and destroy this element.

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It saw the conflict moving in its characteristic sine curve manner wherein the fighting and peace alternated almost every month. You cangerra to search for a city or an adress.

The contingent undertook simultaneous operations from two bases i. After locating rebel positions, the Squadron carried out a show of force by low level flying over the main target area and also engaged the rebels with cannon fire. We will find the closest match from your location anonymously.

The Canberras started their operations in by attacking and destroying certain mercenary position in strategically ificant town of Kolwezi. These squadrons were equipped with four Mi aircraft and five Mi helicopters respectively along with aircrew and ground support personnel. At times the targets were at a distance ezcort km with an intense cloud cover over the way points.

The rebels had a substantial air element comprised of old aircraft which posed a great danger to UN freedom of movement in the area. The Squadron had an added capacity of photo reconnaissance, which was made full use of by the ground forces.

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