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All the regulatory authorities had gone through the proper processes when we got our original planning permissions. When we realised what was in the ships we knew it would be detrimental to this little town.

Hartlepool-born Mr Stephenson said the contract was for an initial 13 vessels, but he ultimately hoped to dismantle ships at the yard. The rest was successfully recycled. He said: "I think, knowing Hartlepool very stockon and, without being detrimental to the area, we are quite an insular town and something like this can get blown up very quickly.

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This isn't waste that we've produced, it is escort in from all over the world. It says it is still concerned about the company's Seaton Meadows landfill site, which contains some of the material from the recycled ships. The vessels, which had lain in the James River in Virginia for decades, contained hundreds of tonnes of hazardous substances, including asbestos, heavy diesel, 120, lead-based paints and polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs. But these are unfounded, just as the concerns about the tees were unfounded.

The firm had overcome objections from Hartlepool Council, but had been stockton to resubmit detailed plans to satisfy the agency that the work would not have a detrimental effect on surrounding wildlife.

Escort stockton on tees 120

Four months earlier, businessman Peter Stephenson won a contract to scrap ageing ex-US naval vessels - dubbed "ghost ships" - at his Able UK yard. We could have escorh the entire fleet over here if we hadn't acted. About sharing Ten years ago, a trans-Atlantic row broke out over the fate of 13 rusting US warships destined to be broken up in Hartlepool.

We're still getting international waste dumped on this town. Five years of complex licensing rows, court casescouncil meetings and government announcements followed, before work could begin. But on 12 Novemberthe arrival of a rusting American warship triggered a saga unequalled in the town's history. Untilif someone was asked where Hartlepool escot, the answer might well have been "the place where they hanged the monkey ".

But esxort then, only four ships had actually made it across the Atlantic and apart from a separate deal to scrap a French aircraft carrierany chance of more work from America had disappeared. We were deated as the dumping ground of the world.

Mr Stephenson has stressed that the materials in the landfill site, including asbestos, heavy industrial and chemical waste and recycled oil and teds rigs, are safe. That sparked a bitter environmental and legal fight, which has continued to this day. He said: "It has been proven that the concerns about the environmental impact of the American ships were not valid.

Environmentalists claimed their toxic contents would endanger health but how has the town actually been affected? In Junethe Environment Agency finally issued Able UK with the waste management licence it needed to start dismantling the vessels.

Escort stockton on tees 120

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