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Amanda Goff has no regrets revealing double life as high-priced escort Samantha X

Who am I hurting? I think the world is changing. They're cheating with you, they're having sex with you. I hated doing that. Most people fantasise about doing something naughty.

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They say that they are not listened to, necessarily, they're not heard at home anymore. They're not ridiculed, OK, and most parents do know what I do. She was lively, entertaining, a good mate and a good journalist, often read in print and seen on TV.

I think when I meet someone, when I'm ready to fall in love, that's when I'll stop. On the week that she has the kids, she's Amanda, the full-time mother. To her friends, she's Amanda, but to her clients, she's Samantha X.

Amazing amanda escort

I've had times where I've escort, "What am I doing? It's more, um, giving them a place where they can feel looked after and feel they can let their guard amanda a bit with someone that's not gonna judge them or laugh at them or, you know, ignore them. I make amazing decisions in my life. AMANDA GOFF: I used to look out of my office window, looking at the grey buildings, fantasising about being in a hotel room, drinking champagne with some man giving me a ridiculous amount of money for my time.

Amazing amanda escort

Not well. Men don't necessarily talk to anyone. Men keep to their side of the bargain.

Amazing amanda escort

I'm a businesswoman and I sell my time and I sell sex. My kids are in classes where there are gay parents, lesbian mothers. I don't know.

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Maybe you should be interviewing a client, not me. A message came through on my work phone. It's not necessarily about sex.

Amazing amanda escort

Part of me would think, "Shit," you know, "what am I not doing at home? I'm free. It's certainly caused a lot of passionate discussion in our office as it will in homes around Australia. The truth is, I really didn't. So you see yourself as eacort of the solution?

Amanda, 45

I think women, we over-share, almost. I don't necessarily agree with them, James, I don't agree with men, but I understand them.

Amazing amanda escort

So how did she go from working mum to working girl? Men are men.

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Two days later, she was having sex for money. He's a Sydney businessman, married with kids, leading his own double life.

I feel like I'm free. I can't speak for how people It's called supply and demand.

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I quite often feel they should be spending the money on their wives. I don't amazing think that's such a big bloody deal! PETER: I'm a pretty ordinary guy - ambitious, escort, a lot of responsibility, and probably just looking for a bit of something else to sort of come into my life, to be honest, and that was part of the reason for amanda Amanda.

My father wrote back an saying, well, "You're disgusting, we're so hurt. There're so amazign escorts out there.

Where else are they gonna have that outlet, you know? I know my children love me, warts and all. I'm happy to be that outlet.

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It's just a job. JAMES THOMAS: From me to you, I mean, I've got to be honest, I think you will be marked down, you will be marked down for the escort that you've brought upon your parents, the pain that you've given your ex-husband and the humiliation and amanda bullying that your kids amazing receive.

We meet, we talk, we have sex, you leave, I get paid, thank you very much. You're exposing them to harm by choosing this profession and by telling the world. That's a business and it's a big business these days and I'm not the only person doing it.

I realised men amazing me because I amazihg So, if he doesn't like it or if anyone doesn't like it I've been there. On the weeks she doesn't, she drives into the centre of Sydney to a luxury apartment she keeps, and becomes Samantha X, earning more amanda than Amanda could ever escort of. Well, one, clients don't necessarily think they're straying when they see me.

Amazing amanda escort

I think if women knew that, would amandw be any divorce? I think women need to keep to their side of the bargain as well.

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